When the complexity and size of your software portfolio becomes too difficult for your IT organization to manage productively and effectively, IT consulting outsourcing may be the answer. The right IT consulting outsourcing firm will help you eliminate redundancy and reduce complexity in your portfolio, transform applications to respond more effectively to change, and align your IT to better support your business objectives.

PRN IT CORP delivers results with comprehensive IT consulting outsourcing services. PRN IT CORP serving independent software vendors in a variety of industries that include

  • Communications & Technology,
  • Banking & Financial Services,
  • Insurance,
  • Telecommunications and Media,
  • Information & Entertainment industries.

PRN IT CORP consulting outsourcing services help clients by:

  • Improving IT application environments by deploying re-usable software platforms in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Designing platform-based solutions that address and solve business and technological challenges.
  • Developing and implementing IT initiatives.

As an IT consulting firm, PRN IT CORP Global Delivery Model for IT outsourcing combines onsite teams and offshore teams for an optimal mix that delivers greater value, faster implementation and higher quality deliverables.

PRN IT CORP also employs proprietary frameworks and tools like the Strategic Enterprise Information Roadmap framework and a Business Process Visualization that help companies keep up with continual change in industry and technology.

PRN IT CORP specific IT consulting outsourcing services include:

  • IT application portfolio management – helping clients transform software and align IT environments with business objectives through IT optimization.
  • IT strategy development – identifying what aspects of an IT environment and application portfolio need to change in order for an organization to accelerate business outcomes.
  • Proof-of-concept development – helping organizations evaluate the effectiveness of multiple information-based products, services and solutions.
  • Accelerated solutions design services – providing research-driven, moderated workshops to refine business requirements and identify outcomes for use in proof-of-concept.
  • IT governance services – enabling organizations to improve business results and ensure greater accountability and agility.

SOA development – assisting organizations in transforming how IT supports business need by designing and deploying Service Oriented Architecture systems.

Why outsourcing your IT services and consulting with PRN IT CORP makes more sense?

  • As an IT consulting and outsourcing company, PRN IT CORP offers key advantages over IT offshoring and IT outsourcing competitors, including:
  • A global delivery model using an optimal mix of onsite and offshore teams to deliver greater value, faster solutions and reduced costs.
  • A platforming approach to software development that enables organizations to reuse existing IT assets, eliminate redundant code and data, and lower total cost of ownership.
  • A focus on the needs of the client and how PRN IT CORP consulting services can best help the organization achieve its business objectives.